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Ed's Page

This Is Ed's Page...Mike Had One So Ed Had To Have One


This Would Be Ed, And The Chick Is Tracey Cute Lil Thang Aint she?

Pools of the soul

falling into pools of light that seem to understand.
That's what it's like to look into your eyes.
You're so amazing that it sometimes takes my breath away.
It's strange to me that someone who I thought for so long was out of my league could love me as I am.
Maybe I'm too hopeful that things could be the way I wish.
For to you I am often just Ed a friend of highest trust yet no more.
Still I am hoping with a fools hope that possibly I might find a way into your heart as you have found a way into mine.

Is this good-bye?

We have never really said hello, though you know the secret I have carried since shortly after I met you. I wonder if I had said something earlier in all of this if you would be with me instead of him and if you would be wearing my ring instead of his? I wonder if this is all a bad dream for both of us and we're just waiting to wake up. You are looking so hard for stability and an end to your loneliness that it seems as if you are jumping on the first thing that comes to you. You have written poems and promises to someone in the dark and you are making that someone him. You want so much for him to be the one that you have put all of your energy into it so that he will be. You have blinded yourself to truths you have set before yourself when you were looking at me. Do you think that I am as childish as I think that you are childlike and innocent? There is no lack of people for you to choose from as I have found out since being forced into the public eye. All I want is for you to be happy. Not just the happiness that comes from a kiss but deliriously happy and content. Can you find that with him? Is this good-bye? Do I loose the young lady I have grown to love and the best friend I have found. We have never really said hello, though you know the secret I have carried since shortly after I met you: For the last 6 years I have loved you and you have had a place in my heart.
Love is so much more

Stealing glances in the night.
Moonlit drives and candle light.
Going somewhere? Hope they might.
But love is so much more.

Joyful times whatever the season.
Daring hope, a heart's high treason.
There doesn't have to be a reason.
But love is so much more.

Subtle beauty captivates me.
Understanding that sets me free.
Pale blue eyes I long to see.
But love is so much more.

Love is more than words can say.
When love is blocked it finds a way.
Love: passion's rapture at play.
But love is so much more.

Unconditional and Understanding.
Warm and safe and never ending.
Should you fall I'll be your landing.
But my love is so much more.

Swept away by pure emotion.
Endless days of true devotion.
Touching souls when e'er the notion.
But my love is so much more.

So much more than you'll ever know.
Like the promise of spring apon the snow.
Like the stars above, how faint their glow.
My love is so much more.

My love is so much more you see.
Than measly words can ever be.
Won't you please consider me.
My love is so much more.