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Poems Of Diffrent Sorts

Here Is A Few Poems That Don't Really Have A Category

A Cry


You never think a death could bring so many problems,

You cry

You Sulk

You feel pain

Nothing you can do will stop you from feeling

You wonder if its time to end it all

The smile of children doesnt save you anymore

The sound of the morning doves dont wake you anymore

The smell of a rose doesnt calm you anymore

You cry as you see blood pour from the fresh cuts pour

Its time to breathe once more

You now cry tears of blood

Though the bleeding has stopped it still continues

Its all over now

Go back to sleep

And listen to the children weep

Message From A Dreamer


To all of you so far out in the world,

From someone who thinks big,

You ruin my dreams and brake my world,

You make me dig,

Dig through hardened dreams,

To reality you make me go,

From the sea of moonbeams,

To the dullest land I go,

Back from my world of love,

To the sands of trash,

I am no longer a peaceful dove,

But a scared young girl picking trash.

Im Sorry


Ive never said Im sorry for all the things Ive done,

I loved you so much I hated you,

I never said Im sorry for calling you a liar,

So many tears I shed over little bits of nothingness,

So many words screamed over you not understanding,

I never realized you really cared,

I never said I was sorry for hating you,

Ive never heard so much pain in your voice,

So many times I could have said I loved you,

So many times I could have held your hand and kissed your lips,

Im sorry I never said Im sorry,

Im sorry I never held you and told you

You were more important then life,

Now youre gone

Im Sorry.