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Poems Of Pain

Here Are Some Poems That I have Writen, some of them my be alittle to indepth for some of you.

The Choice


No more pain,

No more hurt,

Slit your wrist,

The blood will pour,

On to the floor,

All over your clothes,

Will you let it bleed?

Or will you stop the blood?

Let it bleed who will care?

They'll take your things,

Wrap your wrists,

Suffer through life,

Which will you choose?

Will you choose tonight?

Pain And Hurt


No-one knows the pain,

No-one knows the hurt,

The pain I go through,

The hurt others give me,

No-one feels my pain,

No-one feels my hurt,

The pain is sharp in my heart and mind,

The hurt is strong in my body and soul,

Will it ever go away?

Will it never take its toll?

The pain and hurt will stay forever.

Poem Of Hate


I Dig my nails into your throat and watch your blood pouring out,

You scream in pain, but is it really pain or the fact youre dying?

The Blood is coming faster and I push my nails in deeper you scream,

Does it hurt I ask you, you struggle to stay alive trying to push my hand away,

I over power you but your pride is hurt for you are male you try harder,

I finally get my hand into your throat I feel your warm blood on my hand,

You can no longer breathe and slowly and painfully die,

I rub your blood all over my body, feeling the warmth,

I slide a knife down your chest and remove your heart looking at it happy,

I throw your heart to the ground stomping on it as you did mine,

Taking the knife I remove your penis placing it in your mouth,

I then stand looking down at you asking you how does that feel asshole?

I laugh and leave not looking back.


Love, Hate, Depression.


In the heart love is strong,

Visions of the future as well as the past.

Your true loves face,

The touch of a teardrop of love,


In the soul hate rests,

People of racism and hate,

The enemy and his follower's,

The sharp pain of a death,


Then the body is depression,

Bottling up pain,

Your loved ones ignoring you,

The heaviness of the rock you carry.