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Poems Of Love

Here Are Some Poems I Have Writen About Love

Every time I close my eyes

I feel your breath upon my skin

Every time I close my eyes

I feel the warmth of your touch

Every time I close my eyes

I feel your lips press against mine

Every time I close my eyes

I dream we are together again

Every time I close my eyes

I see the rose your placed in my hand

Every time I close my eyes

A single tear rolls down my cheek

Every time I close my eyes

I realize its ended and I open my eyes just to close them again




My eyes are drunk with passion every time your heart beats close to mine,

The warmth of our bodies so intense our souls melt together,

Our love so strong nothing can destroy the bond we have,

The soothing rhythm of your gentle breathing singing me to sleep,

As I dream we grow old,

Our souls never part,

Our eyes always together,

I awaken from the softness of your kiss and once again fall asleep.

A Love Story


I remember once,

So long ago

A kiss from your lips

A taste of my future

The saltiness yet so sweet

I could taste your love

I looked into your eyes and saw how much you loved me

I touched your face

I held your hand

But that was so long ago

Our love is now gone

Our flame burnt out

How I long to kiss your lips once more




The First Kiss


Sweating palms and racing hearts,

Laughing, joking around, and smiles from ear to ear

Sudden quietness, dull silence,

Slow movement, Pause in time,

Sweet and salty taste,

Once more for goodnight,

Tingle of joy through your body,

Sigh of happiness.

I Love You


I love your smile,

The twinkle in your eye,

I love the smell of your cologne,

To touch your lips,

To kiss them gently,

I long to be with you,

Our souls to bound for life and death,

Our hearts belong to each other,

Together we will live our lives,

From now until death and back again,

Held in your arms for eternity.


Where is my true love?

Where is my chance?

Where is my smile?

Where is that second glance?

A gentle kiss,

A soft breeze,

Where is my eternal bliss?

Where is my garden?

Where is my home?

Where is that first kiss?

A rose blossom, 

A childs laughter,

Where is my peace?

Where is my beauty?

Where is my soul?

Where is that Calming feeling?

A caring smile,

A loving heart,

Where is my life?

Where is my start?

Where is my fairytale?

Where is the beginning?

Where is the end?

When will I learn?

How will I know?

When will my story book ending begain?